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Learn How Vacation Points Work

Vacation Points Give You Booking Flexibility

Disney Vacation Club uses a flexible Vacation Points system that gives Members an array of vacation options, year after year. Here’s how it works:

Receive a yearly allotment of Vacation Points — based on the size of the real estate interest you purchase

Use your Vacation Points to book vacation accommodations

Enjoy the freedom to choose when, where and how often you vacation — with no blockout dates at Disney Vacation Club Resorts*

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Managing Your Vacation Points to Fit Your Needs

Vacation Points can be moved from one year to another—so you can enjoy vacation variety year after year.

Bank Vacation Points

Banking allows you to use this year’s unused Vacation Points for next year’s vacation.

Current Year
Next Year

Borrow Vacation Points

Borrowing allows you to use next year’s unused Vacation Points for vacations this year.

Current Year
Next Year

An Incredible Array of Vacation Options

Discover the flexibility of Disney Vacation Club! Here are a few ways to use your Vacation Points:

A Romantic Getaway

for 150 Vacation Points

Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort

Stay in the middle of the enchantment with a 7-night vacation for 2 in a Deluxe Studio – Lake View during the summer.

A Family Vacation

for 205 Vacation Points

Disney’s Riviera Resort
Disney’s Riviera Resort

Stay 5 nights at our newest Resort in a 1-Bedroom Villa – Preferred View (sleeps up to 5 Guests) during the winter—and stay close to the magic of Walt Disney World Resort.

A Family Reunion

for 367 Vacation Points

A mother, father, son and daughter with paddleboards on a beach
Disney's Vero Beach Resort

Bank unused points from last year and borrow from next year to book a 6-night dream getaway for up to 12 Guests in a 3-Bedroom Beach Cottage in the fall.

Plus, there are many more incredible Disney Vacation Club Resorts where you could stay—as well as thousands of other vacation options in dazzling destinations around the globe via the World Collection.
Cost of Membership

Explore the cost of Membership! Use our Points Calculator to customize a Membership that fits your vacation needs.

* Accommodations are subject to availability.