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Annual Dues

Similar to homeowner's association fees, Annual Dues go towards your Resort's operating costs, administrative expenses, refurbishment expenses and real estate taxes. Annual Dues are calculated on a per Vacation Point basis. The amount you pay is determined by the size of your ownership interest.

Annual Dues Costs

$ 00 .00
$00.00 Per Month
or $00 per year

Important Information About Dues

Paying Dues
Annual Dues must be paid by January 15 each year when you make your payment in one lump sum. Or, you may be able to pay your dues on a monthly basis.

Members: View Your Annual Dues Statement

Note: Since inception, Annual Dues have generally increased on average 3 - 6% each year across all Disney Vacation Club Resorts.

The purchase of an ownership interest should only be used for personal use and enjoyment, should be based upon its value as a vacation experience and should not be for the purpose of acquiring an income or appreciating investment. Other incentives affecting the final price per Vacation Point may apply.