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Explore the Cost of Membership

Explore the Cost of Membership

Let's get started! Select a range of Points—and discover your vacation options.
Vacation Points Alotted Anually

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Based on your selections, here are some options you'd have when booking a Disney Vacation Club Resort:

Sample Vacations

Estimated Pricing

Below is pricing for some of our newest Resorts. To learn about these and other options, please contact a Disney Vacation Club Guide.

* Approximately 83% of all vacation options fall within the average number of nights yielded from the Vacation Point range and season selected. Actual number of nights obtainable will also be affected by the specific Disney Vacation Club Resort and room view chosen. All accommodations are subject to availability.

** Financing is available for qualified buyers in most jurisdictions. Actual installment amount will depend on final purchase price and qualified financing terms.

*** Since inception, Annual Dues have generally increased on average 3-6% each year across all Disney Vacation Club Resorts.

Note: The above features are for informational purposes only and are designed to help estimate financing costs and monthly payments if you are considering financing the purchase of a Disney Vacation Club Membership with Disney Vacation Development, Inc., which may offer financing for qualified buyers. While this gives an idea of what has happened in the past, this could be different in the future. Any estimate derived from these features does not necessarily reflect the actual costs associated with purchasing and financing of a Membership and relies on assumptions and information provided by you. Such costs will be determined at the time of purchase. Rates, terms and payments will vary depending on actual credit history, required down payment and loan term. The above does not represent or constitute an actual offer to extend credit. In order to obtain financing, a formal Mortgage application is required and approval is not guaranteed. Financing by Disney Vacation Development, Inc. is subject to change or withdrawal without notice. Prices, terms and other figures change from time to time. Please consult with financial, tax and legal advisers for any advice relating to your purchase and financing decisions. You may revisit this page and update your estimate as often as you'd like.

The purchase of an ownership interest should only be used for personal use and enjoyment, should be based upon its value as a vacation experience and should not be for the purpose of acquiring an income or appreciating investment. Other incentives affecting the final price per Vacation Point may apply.