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What Membership Costs

The cost of Membership depends on the size of the real estate interest you purchase at a Disney Vacation Club Resort. This interest is represented by an annual allotment of Vacation Points.

Choose the amount of Vacation Points that's right for your vacation lifestyle. As a Member, you’ll enjoy flexibility when choosing when, where and how often to vacation.* And with more Vacation Points, you can enjoy extra flexibility when planning vacations.

To estimate the cost of Membership, please use the calculator below. Note: Pricing below excludes any applicable incentives. To learn more, please view our special offers.

Explore Membership Cost

Home Resort Tool Tip
Your Home Resort is the specific Disney Vacation Club Resort in which you purchase your deeded real estate interest.
Vacation Points Tool Tip
Vacation Points are what Members use to reserve their vacation accommodations. When you purchase a real estate interest in a Disney Vacation Club Resort, it's represented by an annual allotment of Vacation Points.
$ 00 .00
$00.00 Per Month

Note: The features on this page are designed to help you prepare an estimated budget. Prices may change from time to time, and the dollar amounts displayed are not a price guarantee. Since inception, Annual Dues have generally increased on average 3-6% each year across all Disney Vacation Club Resorts. A total down payment of at least 10% is required, depending on qualified financing. Rates, terms and payments may vary depending on credit history and length of term of loan. Mortgage application is required and approval is not guaranteed. Restrictions apply. Financing by Disney Vacation Development, Inc. is subject to change or withdrawal without notice.

The purchase of an ownership interest should only be used for personal use and enjoyment, should be based upon its value as a vacation experience and should not be for the purpose of acquiring an income or appreciating investment. Other incentives affecting the final price per Vacation Point may apply.

* All accommodations are subject to availability.

** Financing is available for qualified buyers in most jurisdictions. Learn more about financing options.

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