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Member Letters to Disney Vacation Club

Prior to 2017, I had visited Disney World over 25 times and on numerous occasions, was approached about joining DVC. Every time, I was (politely) told how much money it would save me along with all the benefits which came along with membership. Every time I denied the offer. My wife and our son (and biggest Disney fan) agreed.

In late June of 2017, for my wife's 50th birthday, it was time to move out of our WDW comfort zone and head to our dream vacation: Aulani. Within days, it truly became our "Happiest Place on Earth." On one of our last days, I struck up yet another conversation at one of the DVC booths and before I knew it, I was then meeting Dan for the first time. We struck up a conversation and hit it off. My entire family returned later that evening where, by chance, we met Lindsay. The five of us all got along so well and I could tell immediately this was not some act to get us to buy DVC. They were genuine that my family took the plunge and bought 150 DVC points at the Polynesian.

Fast forward to the summer of 2019: Upon returning from my first trip to Disneyland (OMG: LOVED IT!) for my 50th, it became apparent that my parents, in their 80s and never having been to Disneyland, wanted to we went again that August! Two trips to Disneyland within four months of each other after having never been! With my parents having gone with us to WDW the prior August, it was obvious I needed more points. I called Dan and it was like my trip to Aulani was yesterday. Within 48 hours, I had bought an additional 50 points, this time at the Riviera. Dan even made it so easy, they shipped the closing paperwork to Disneyland where my wife and I signed the papers and then celebrated at the Disneyland Hotel!!!

When my family went to WDW in September of 2019, we reached out to Lindsey who took the time out of her busy schedule to come say hello at Hollywood Studios. It was like seeing family. We were overjoyed to be in her company again.

Fast forward to this past month. After our trip with my parents to WDW in August of 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic, we planned a new trip for August of 2021: A week-long stay at the Polynesian. When we asked my son what he wanted to do for his 16th birthday in November (like many others, his 2020 birthday was not one for the record books..) he stated he wanted to go to WDW, but this time, stay at the Riviera. Upon doing the research, it was obvious we did not have enough points. After some consideration, we decided this cannot happen again. If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that life is too short and to do the things you love. We love Disney. We love DVC. We then called our man Dan at Aulani and purchased another 200 points at the Riviera! Now we have more than enough for future trips with family and friends.

But PLEASE understand, what made this decision so much easier is the relationships built years ago with Lindsey and Dan. They both help make the magic happen again and again. They are both like family and we all keep in touch often. In fact, we look forward to meeting up with Lindsey on one of our two WDW trips this year, and with Dan upon our return to Aulani in June of 2022.

These cast members are the very best of Disney and it is my honor to recognize them both to their supervisors. It's harder than ever these days to bring joy to others, but these days, Dan and Lindsey are surely the exception to that rule.

Stay safe and "see ya real soon!"
The Gagliardi Family
Westfield, NJ

Good evening!

You know it took me a few days to collect my thoughts and well come back to reality, adulting and write this message which needed's to be expressed! As this year is something we all want to just press REWIND and take it all away, we must move forward and go with the times. Together we will overcome all our obstacles. But with that this goes without saying that this was the best Disney Vacation Club trip I have had to date! The interactions with the cast members from the resort to the parks was all exceedingly warm and welcoming. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE was happy to be back and share that magic to every guest. It was a Welcome Home to all!

I love my home resort and staying at the Polynesian. Taking these new measures, we did ask for additional pillows and towels to ensure we don’t have ask any more during our stay. Everyone was so welcoming!

I came with a friend, who, mind you, I am trying to get him to look into purchasing his own DVC Membership. What is enjoyable is not only that he did have the best time he could have had, minus the heat mask wearing, he said that each day was awesome but more over the food was to a level he never experienced before. FOOD COMA, hahaha…

Dining at the Plaza and Be Our Guest is a personal favorite of mine the staff there really noticed it was my guest’s first time. Though my guest thought this was a special treatment given because I am a DVC I told him NOPE what you see is what everyone gets! This is Disney Magic! I couldn’t have agreed to that statement more myself.

I cannot wait to come back that while writing this email I booked my next trip staying at a new resort I haven't been to before, Copper Creek! Now it's off to make the announcement to friends of who wants to come along and enjoy my second home! So cheer's to everyone and thank you very much and stay safe!

The Azcarreta Family
Hialeah, Florida