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Waitlist - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important details I should know about being put on the Waitlist of a Disney Vacation Club Resort?

Here are some important details that will help you Waitlist a Disney Vacation Club Resort:

  • During the Home Resort Priority period, you can only Waitlist at your Home Resort.
  • You can have up to 2 active Waitlist requests per Membership per Use Year.
  • Waitlist requests for consecutive nights cannot be split into separate night-by-night requests.
  • Waitlist requests are active up until 31 days or up until 7 days prior to your Check-In date based on your request. If you would like to keep your name on the Waitlist beyond that time, you can modify the Waitlist expiration date online in the “My Dashboard” section of the website.
  • Once your request has been placed on the Waitlist, there is no need to contact Member Services to check on your Waitlist status.
  • If a Waitlist request is confirmed and you cancel the accommodation 30 days or less prior to Check-In, then the Vacation Points used to book the accommodation will be placed in a Holding Account.
  • All other Waitlist requests or previously confirmed reservations for comparable dates will be canceled when a Waitlist request is confirmed.
  • You can view, modify or cancel your request at any time in “My Dashboard.”
As a courtesy to other Members, visit “My Dashboard” or contact Member Services to cancel your request if you no longer wish to be on the Waitlist.



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