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Resort Hotel Reservations - Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by Home Resort Priority at Disney Vacation Club?

Your Disney Vacation Club Membership allows you the privilege and flexibility to reserve accommodations at your Home Resort 11 months in advance of the Check-In date.

In order to take advantage of the Home Resort Priority, all Vacation Points being used to make the reservation must be associated with your Home Resort.

For example, if you want to make a reservation at Disney's Vero Beach Resort that requires 110 Vacation Points but you only have 100 Vacation Points available on your contract for Disney's Vero Beach Resort—and if you're a Member in good standing—you could borrow from the next Disney's Vero Beach Resort Use Year to complete the reservation. (You cannot borrow from a different Resort during the Home Resort Priority period.)

PLEASE NOTE: After you make the reservation, you cannot "switch out" those Vacation Points with Vacation Points from another Disney Vacation Club Resort.

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