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Vacation Points Overview - Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have enough Vacation Points to book my ideal vacation. How can I obtain more Vacation Points?

It's easy to stretch your Vacation Points farther or obtain more Vacation Points. Here's how:

  • Bank or borrow Vacation Points
  • Obtain Vacation Points for one-time use
  • Add On to your Membership

Bank or Borrow Vacation Points
You can bank Vacation Points from your current Use Year to use during your next Use Year (restrictions apply); or you can borrow Vacation Points from your next Use Year to book a reservation in your current Use Year.

Obtain One-Time-Use Vacation Points
For a fee of $19 ($16.89 plus $1.10 tax and $1.01 resort tax) per Vacation Point, you can obtain Vacation Points for one-time use towards your desired stay.

Add On To Your Membership
You may decide that you need a larger ownership interest and access to more Vacation Points for years to come. If so, your Vacation Club Guide will be happy to walk you through the process of purchasing an additional ownership interest and Adding On Vacation Points.

Please note that a minimum of 25 Vacation Points for cash purchases and 50 Vacation Points for financed purchases (for qualified buyers) is required for an additional Ownership Interest.

Check for special Add-On offers or contact your Disney Vacation Club Guide to get started.

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