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Financial Institution - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I update my banking information with Disney Vacation Club?

Send a copy of a voided check from a US bank account to Disney Vacation Club Member Accounting either by fax at (407) 938-4117 or mail to:

Disney Vacation Club Member Accounting
P.O. Box 470727
Celebration, FL 34747

Please do the following steps so all the information that's required is included:

  1. Write your Contract Number or Membership Number.
  2. Indicate if you want the change for Loan payments, Dues payments or both.
  3. If you do not have checks, we will accept your banking information including ABA# and account # with the information above.
  4. Indicate if you're using a checking or savings account.
  5. Provide a signed authorization to debit your bank account.

Please note: You will not be able to change your banking information verbally over the phone. Due to banking regulations for ACH (Automated Clearing House) debit transactions, we are required to obtain a signed authorization to change banking information.

To confirm that Disney Vacation Club received your new banking information, please call Disney Vacation Club Member Accounting at (800) 800-9800† or (407) 566-3800†, and select option 3.

If you are changing your banking on one of your contracts but not the others, be sure to indicate the change is only for a specific contract number. For example: "Please change for contract 1400022.001 only."

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