Central & South America

Sandy shores of a lush coastline in Venezuela

See Central & South America with Disney Vacation Club

Discover the treasures of Latin America—from the mystical Andes to the unspoiled rainforests to Darwin's Galapagos! Disney Vacation Club offers you the opportunity to visit legendary locations, modern metropolises and tropical rainforests on your journey into Central and South America when you purchase real estate interest directly from Disney.

Costa Rica

With one of the most unique ecosystems in the world, Costa Rica is the perfect setting for a family vacation where you can zip-line above the rainforest, discover exotic creatures, swim in crystal waters off stunning beaches, tour pineapple plantations and raft down river rapids.


The amazingly diverse array of landscapes in Argentina makes this country ideal for adventure tourism. Stay at resorts in charming towns nestled between lakes and mountains, and check out nearby adventure sports opportunities like kayaking, mountain biking, horse riding and more.


Filled with natural wonders, historic landmarks and thriving cities, Brazil has no shortage of thrilling locales to visit. Travel to stunning cities or a number of small towns to explore the geography and culture that make this country one-of-a-kind.


Venture into Andean national parks, relax on breathtaking beaches, visit colonial forts and explore lively cities. With resort options in different regions, your vacation experience in Venezuela is guaranteed to be unique and unforgettable.

Many More!

Other Central and South America vacation options are available to Members through the Disney Vacation Club's World Passport Collections.