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Adventures by Disney — How to Book

Explore the world with Adventures by Disney and enjoy access to unforgettable sites and experiences. These trips are part of the Disney Collection—which is available to eligible Members who purchase directly from Disney Vacation Club.

Booking is now easier than ever, with flexible ways to use your Vacation Points to book a trip:

      •  Banked Vacation Points from last year can be used this year
      •  Use this year’s Vacation Points
      •  Borrow Vacation Points from next year
For more details, please explore “Extra Flexibility With Your Vacation Points” below.


Extra Flexibility With Your Vacation Points

Now you can enjoy extra flexibility when you book an Adventures by Disney trip using your Vacation Points.

Read More About Extra Flexibility With Your Vacation Points

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Know Before You Book

View information about booking windows and rules for Adventures by Disney trips. Read More About Know Before You Book

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Need More Points?

Realize your dream vacation by banking, borrowing or obtaining vacation points. Read More About Need More Points?

The required Reservation Point value for Adventures by Disney trips is subject to change, and does change from year to year.

Important Information
  • Reservation Points shown are per person based on double occupancy.
  • Airfare to and from destination is not included and travel time necessary to reach a given destination is not included in calculating trip lengths. Certain trips may begin early on the first day of the itinerary and may end late on the last day. Members should contact Member Services for additional information, including trip components and dates, details about overnight accommodations required before and after itinerary dates, age ranges, gratuities, additional surcharges, etc.
  • One Reservation Point is equivalent to one allotted Vacation Point. Reservation Points have no other relationship with, or comparison to, Vacation Points and are established for convenience of reference only. General terms and conditions of this program are in the "Membership Extras Acknowledgment and Disclosure Statement." Please review them carefully before booking any of these options. Program terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  • Effective, March 21, 2011, Members who do not purchase their ownership interests directly from Disney will not be able to use those Vacation Points for the Disney Collection or Concierge Collection.
  • All reservations are subject to availability and trips are subject to cancellation.
  • Adventures by Disney reservations must be made prior to the last 4 months of your Use Year for trips during that Use Year.
  • A non-refundable $95 transaction fee applies per confirmed Adventures by Disney reservation. If payment is not received at the time of confirmation, Disney Vacation Club reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Booking Windows
  • For important booking window guidelines, please see the "Booking Guidelines" page located under the "Plan a Vacation" tab.
How to Cancel or Modify a Reservation
  • For important cancellation guidelines, please see the "Cancellation and Modification Guidelines" page located under the "Plan a Vacation" tab.